We’re at The Bookmakers' Trade Fair 2015!


Come and see A Bet A at The Bookmakers' Trade Fair, Cranmore Park, on Wednesday 21st October for full product demonstrations. You can book a meeting in advance by calling Tom Nicholls on +44 (0) 1420 549988. We look forward to seeing you there.

We’re at ICE Totally Gaming 2015!


Come and see A Bet A at the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition at ExCel London between 3rd February and 5th February for full product demonstrations. You can book a meeting in advance by calling Tom Nicholls on +44 (0) 1420 549988. We look forward to seeing you there.

A Bet A Smart Screens in the Racing Post


See our Smart Screen product page for full details.

A Bet A Launch Smart Screen Solution


Technology supplier A Bet A has unveiled a new betting shop display product that finally removes the discrepancy between the odds shown on the tills and the customer’s screen.

The company’s Smart Screens prevent the sort of latency issues that have plagued the retail industry for years, becoming a major cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Other system benefits include cutting out the need for in-venue graphics control hardware and the need for expensive installation processes by an on-site technicians.

Deployed as gantry screens, multi-screens, customer service displays, and self-service terminals, the system also supports any mechanism of data delivery.

It can be used on existing graphics hardware infrastructures, but takes advantage of modern television that require no more complex equipment than is present in the operator’s own living room..

Controlled by the in-shop EPOS terminal, the Smart Screens prevent any risk of data relay and can be delivered where appropriate over a wide-area network to licensed end-users.

A Bet A Operations Manager Jason Hardman believes the technology will improve both the customer experience and save operators money.

He said: “TV hardware has moved on in the last few years and the promotion of betting and gaming information and data needs to move with it.

“It’s more important than ever that operators combine modern web and display technologies with their bet management systems to deliver media-rich content that really engages their clientele.

“We’re very confident the Smart Screens will do just that, and be a strong, complementary product welcomed by bookmakers of all shapes and sizes.

“As the screens will be driven directly from the EPOS system there will be no latency between the shop floor and till, which will be a real boon for customers too.”

As well as licensed betting offices, A Bet A’s Smart Screens also have the ability to provide in-venue display flexibility to Adult Gaming Centres, racecourses, sports stadia, and hospitality locations.

The company, which also supplies software for call centres and online transactions, finalised a deal earlier this year to allow British and Northern Irish bookmakers to bet into the UK tote pool.

The system is now being adapted to allow bookmakers in the Republic of Ireland to bet into the pool too, along with others overseas.

Improving Customer Service


If you listen to the doom-mongers the game is up for Britain’s independent bookmakers.

Not only are they being squeezed by the economy, they’re struggling to compete with the economies of scale the larger chains can offer.

Chief among the criticisms levelled at their businesses is a perceived inability to keep up with new technology.

But I’d argue there are now cost-effective solutions on the market that allow them to fight back and even gain an advantage over the big boys.

One of these is our new on-the-counter Customer Service Display which, for the first time, gives shop-users early price and market information at the till.

By clicking on the screen, cashiers can provide details of their selections without having to search for it themselves.

For shop staff it also speeds up the translation of call-over bets, minimising the number of key strokes to input and process a wager.

These are currently being trialled in shops run by North West bookmaker David Pluck and have been well-received on both sides.

The system works effectively with our BetMaker terminals which display real-time odds and markets, and allow customers to prepare their bets in advance.

Using the touchscreen technology they can make their selections as the system works out their return, before printing their slip to take to the counter.

Once payment is made they are then issued with a validated betting slip with potential returns and selection information.

With cost control never more important in the betting shop operation, BetMaker speeds up bet translation and allows cashiers to process up to ten bets a minute.

At the same time it enhances the shop’s customer service, providing regulars with a simple, efficient system to gather information about their selections and place a bet swiftly.

Another concept we have developed is a pin entry version. This lets punters deposit money at the counter before betting on the terminals, where race and event details are at their finger-tips.

The potential increase in wagers this generates could provide an additional headache for any manager or owner wanting to keep an eye on problem bets.

But our new email and SMS alerts, which use the EPOS system to automatically alert the operator about liabilities running-up, heads off any nasty surprises.

The functionality was developed for racecourse-based bookies with a need to keep an eye on developments back at base, but it works equally well for those with a small chain who can’t be in two places at once.

Clicks and Mortar


Despite reports of a successful World Cup, this year has been a tough one for the UK’s big bookmakers.

Not only have their high street shops been hit by an increase in duties on gaming machines, but Point of Consumption Tax is on its way with its knock-on effects for their online operations.

Yet if their lot is not a happy one at present, spare a thought for the Independents battling both the economic climate and economies of scale.

The good news for those struggling to keep up is that help is now at hand in the form of technological innovation that is both easy to install and needn’t cost the earth.

For many years those independents have found it hard to keep up with product development and, in particular, opportunities to bet outside the retail environment.

But at A Bet A we’ve long believed that solutions familiar to customers in the larger chains ought to be available to those who frequent independents too.

As a result, we’ve pioneered cost-effective, bolt-on solutions to retail EPOS systems that allow them to compete on a level playing field.

For example, telephone account betting and text betting are now available to smaller operations, alongside websites and apps for Internet and smartphone users.

This clicks and mortar strategy allows even one-man bands to offer their services to regulars when they’re not present or shops are closed.

There are also software innovations that will encourage greater profitability and keep those regulars, and newcomers, coming back for more.

These include a range of self-service betting terminal software to satisfy machine enthusiasts and modern interactive screen displays which captivate interest between races.

Call over bets used on course are also available to increase the speed and ease of bet capture, with computerised betting slips printed with details of customer’s potential returns.

And even security add-ons, such as our own BetSee system that allows cashiers to take a high resolution snapshot of the counter at time of bet placement and payout are available.

While Independents, like their larger equivalents, will never be able to control the march of regulation, they can provide product ranges - and how they showcase them - to suit the needs of modern gamblers.

In doing so, they can at least offset the increasing burden of regulation and the vicissitudes of the nation’s economy and continue serving their loyal customers long into the future.

Tote Express Released


A Bet A has finalised a deal to allow Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s bookmakers to bet into the UK Tote pool with their new integration; Tote Express.

The specialist supplier, who service operators in the UK and Ireland as well as 22 global territories, has released new software which will go live later this month.

In doing so, it will allow over 500 regional bookmakers to offer customers betting on popular products including the Tote Scoop6 and Tote Jackpot.

A Bet A operations manager Jason Hardman said: “Modern EPOS systems like ours help to level the playing field for independents.

“It’s great that our customers will soon experience the same pool betting opportunities as those in the bigger chains, including forthcoming meetings at Glorious Goodwood and the St Leger.”

Hardman is confident the system will be adapted shortly to allow bookmakers in the Republic of Ireland to bet into the pool too, along with others overseas.

FREE SMS Betting Trial Now Available


Specialist EPOS supplier A Bet A Technology is offer free trials of its SMS betting service following a successful pilot scheme.

A Bet A, who supply operators in the UK and Ireland as well as 22 global territories, have been working on the system with leading rails bookmaker Geoff Banks.

The independent bookie benefitted from an increase in turnover after customers were able to place bets without having to queue up on course during busy periods.

Its creators now believe other bookmakers who don’t have an online presence will be able to profit too - and are willing to showcase its success for free.

A Bet A Operations Manager Jason Hardman said: “Text message betting used to have serious limitations due to syntax rules and automation.

“But with new artificial intelligence technology that provides instant acknowledgement and natural language interpretation it can be a real aid to customer acquisition and retention.

“Not only is it relevant to smaller operators it can also help those in emerging markets like Africa, where the phone rather than the PC is king. It has sizeable customer recruitment potential.”

SMS betting is also increasingly popular in Ireland where customers can deposit at their local shop then bet via text messages, before later collecting any winnings in cash.

The system sends out an instant acknowledgment and a detailed receipt. It can also text a congratulatory message with a winning bet notification, or customisable offers based upon a customer’s interests.

The recipient of these can also make balance enquiries, request mini statements, top up their account, or withdraw winnings.

A Bet A recently announced a deal to provide BetWay with a portable EPOS system to help activate their sponsorship of the PDC’s Premier League Darts series.

The technology, which allows operators to capture both on and off-site wagers, is also in use with Coral at events including the Cheltenham Festival earlier this year.

A Bet A is hiring!


We are hiring! Check the careers page for more details

Openbet/SiS deal has collapsed


Openbet slip capture customers must now be feeling left high and dry with news that the Openbet/SiS deal has collapsed.

A Bet A can assure all Openbet customers that we will be available to help them migrate to our business where they'll feel welcome and looked after.

A Bet A EPOS goes live in a new shop on a quiet Monday!


Share in the excitement as A Bet A EPOS goes live in a new shop on a quiet Monday! Wouldn't you love a betting shop like this with 14 tellers?

Progressive Jackpot functionality For Virtual Horseracing


A Bet A announces the addition of Progressive Jackpot functionality to it Bet Management platform for virtual horseracing events. This has the ability to create large jackpots, adding significantly to the excitement and engagement of customers and adding greatly to the profitability of the operator.

ICE 2012 24th - 26th January


Come and see us at the ICE show to see the latest developments in betting shop technology. Showcasing virtual numbers betting and online reporting tools.

Visit us on stand 5760. View our latest press release.

A Bet A announces FREE upgrade path to Slip Capture system users


Following Open Bet's announcement last week that it will be withdrawing support for its Slip Capture system in 2012, A Bet A has stepped in to offer a FREE Upgrade* to its Betty EPOS Bet Management Platform.

Further information can be found at or call Debbie Hardman on 01420 549988 for details.

SIS's New Virtual Betting Channel (VBC)


A Bet A is the only 3rd party EPOS supplier with full integration with SIS's new Virtual Betting Channel (VBC). A Bet A customer Cyprus Sporting Clubs has successfully gone live with the new service.

Further Update


Gary Woodgate confirms in a call with Rachael at SIS that the current service in its current form will continue past the end of the month.

Update for Customers Using SIS Raw Data Feed from the Decoder or Wall Board


We have heard today from Brent Dolan, Commercial Director, LBO Services at SIS who has now informed us and our customers that "The ‘wallboard service’ will continue until we say otherwise."

There remains some ambiguity which we are attempting to resolve, with some customers being told that the 'feed will come through the wallboard, but it will be different'. If it is different then it is still tantamount to being withdrawn.

We will post any clarifications we receive here.

Important Notice for Customers Using SIS Raw Data Feed from the Decoder or Wall Board


If you currently receive an SIS Raw Data Feed from the Decoder or Wall Board please read this important notice.

ICE 2011 25th - 27th January


Come and see us at the ICE show to see the latest developments in betting shop technology. Showcasing virtual numbers betting and online reporting tools.

Visit us on stand 5760. View our latest press release.

Get a web site displaying live prices and promoting your business


A Bet A customers can have a web site displaying their live prices and promoting their business on the web for £1,040 per annum. Those with a telephone business can also provide their customers with online statements for the same cost. Please call Beki Hardman on 01420 549988 for further details.

A Bet A announces a partnership with premier online sports community and betting portal


A Bet A and are collaborating on a number of business to business applications for the general betting industry. Chris Latter of A Bet A said, "This is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide a whole new level of content and bet management services to our clients." Phil Lingard for said "working with A Bet A will gives us great scope to develop our business to business services for the bookmaker market."

Grand National quick slips are now available


Grand National quick slips are now available from Super Soccer and Tate Consumables.

Contact Karen at Super Soccer:

0121 6664500

Contact Stuart at Tate Consumables:

01582 500200

Please contact support when you recieve the slips to ensure correct calibration.

ICE/ICEi 2010


26th - 28th January 2010

Earls court, London

Stand 5220

The latest advances in self-service betting announced.

EAG 2010


26th - 28th January 2010

ExCel Centre, London

Stand 152

A Bet A gets greenlight for Madrid

A Bet A system passes technical inspection for the Community of Madrid with flying colours


Renewing your EPOS?


Why gamble with your money? Take a look at the comprehensive range of products A Bet A can off you on our renewing page and you could cut your costs by 70%.

New language versions


A Bet A launches our bet management system in Lithuanian to add to the existing English, Russian, Polish, Italian, German and Spanish language versions.



A Bet A announces BetMaker, a new force in the betting shop

Cost control in the betting shop operation has never been more important. But in containing costs you cannot afford to compromise customer service.

BetMaker is a remarkable new innovation from A Bet A which enhances customer service and helps you to cut your operating costs.