Smart Screens

Smart Screen Features

A short summary of the advantages of A Bet A Smart Screens is listed below:

  • Delivers in-venue displays flexibly for LBOs, AGCs, Stadia, Racecourses, Sports Tracks, Public Houses, hospitality locations;

  • Deployed as gantry screens, multi-screens, customer service displays, point-of-sale-driven information displays and customer interactive/elf-service terminals;

  • Promotes the operator's business through relevant engagement of betting information, gaming information, specialized marketing/promotional information;

  • Supports any mechanism of data delivery - satellite broadcast, IP over internet or VPN; for territories without reliable internet, but within a satellite footprint, data can be delivered through current, aging infrastructures;

  • Guarantees synchrony of data between tills and screens thereby the removing common problem of latency resulting in different odds on the screens to those in the tills which is a major cause of customer dis-satisfaction.

  • Can be delivered and controlled by the in-venue EPOS terminal thereby removing any risk of data relay, but can also be delivered where appropriate over a wide-area network to licensed end-users;

  • Requires no technician on-site to install or configure, and can be set up by a person with no specialist knowledge;

  • Provides the customer with business-specific branding right down to the single venue level;

  • Allows the customer to over-ride individual datum from a generic feed, so that they can control every aspect of trading within their business;

  • Delivers a remarkably low cost product which is software/EPOS driven, requiring no more complexity of hardware or installation than you would require in your own living room.