Renewing your EPOS contract? What do you want?

Freedom from long contracts.

TV costs as an optional extra and not a hidden requirement.

Lower costs all round - around £65 a week or less, upto 70% lower than a main competitor.

Well-proven, user friendly software for automated bet acceptance, settling and payout, plus centralised price and liability control.

Reliable software support: remote assistance 9.30am - 9.30pm, 7 days a week, with guaranteed resolution and no need for site callouts.

Betmaker - our innovative, brand new pre-authorised betting slip creator, allowing customers to browse and compile their own bets before bringing them to the counter for validation (please see our 'What we offer' section for more information)

You can either lease or buy, to manage your cash flow, with no long contracts.

Get the real facts about what you can save...

To get a costed proposal tailored to your specific needs, you can either:

In office hours, call Debbie Hardman direct on 01420 549988, and discuss what you want.

Or 24/7, use our Solution Finder now.

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If you use our Solution Finder, you'll be asked a few easy questions about your business or business plan to tailor your quote.

(Your privacy and security: we ask only what we need to know to help you. Your details are used only to contact you about your EPOS options and used only by A Bet A.)

Whether you call us or use our Solution Finder, you'll get all you need to make your EPOS decision.

We look forward to helping you save money, and get reliable and user-friendly EPOS.